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Behavioral Health Outpatient Services in Reno, NV

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Not everyone needs inpatient hospital care. Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital's Outpatient Programs provide needed treatment and therapy without the overnight stay.

At Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we offer patients a variety of outpatient treatment options. Our programs feature solution-focused therapy techniques, and we aim to provide each patient with the best possible treatment outcome for their situation. Additionally, our trained therapists adhere to trauma-informed care best practices and remain sensitive to the impact of trauma on each patient’s mental health.

Benefits of outpatient mental health programs

One of the main benefits of outpatient behavioral health programs is that they allow the patient to maintain important aspects of their home and family life during treatment.

A related benefit of outpatient treatment is that patients can more easily continue therapy for extended periods. Outpatient programs can more easily fit into one’s schedule and routine than inpatient programs, and long-term treatment can help yield more lasting mental health improvements. To avoid relapse of mental health issues, many patients often enroll in ongoing outpatient treatment as a step-down program from previous inpatient care.

In both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs, patients receive evidence-based treatments, including group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and illness management support.

Adult General Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program provides active treatment for individuals with acute mental illness and/or addiction issues. Programing is based on highly structured evidence-based treatment models offered within a safe and therapeutic environment. Patients participate in group therapy, as well as educational and family group sessions on an as-needed basis.

Attendance is Monday through Friday, ranging from two to four weeks. Treatment staff includes a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, and licensed therapists.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

We are proud to offer the community's only Partial Hospitalization Program for adolescents. This outpatient program provides needed treatment and therapy without the overnight stay. Patients participate in group therapy, as well as educational and family group sessions. Attendance is six hours a day, Monday through Friday, ranging from two to four weeks. The program includes lunch and an on-site teacher to ensure participants don't fall behind in their studies. Learn more about our programs for adolescents.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use and Addiction

Our Intensive Outpatient Program provides a high level of care, without hospitalization. Participants live at home and spend weekends with their families, while getting the weekly treatment they need in a convenient, comfortable and secure setting.

The program is highly structured utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based best treatment practices. Patients are kept busy and educated on how to build life skills and repair relationships with family members and friends. Depending on the level of care required, outpatient treatment for addiction may last 4 weeks or more, but as progress is made, schedules can be adjusted to meet each individual’s needs. Learn more about our Substance Use and Addiction Treatment Program .

We are standing by to help at Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

When people struggle with mental health conditions, they may feel hopeless regarding their situation, and they may think that they have nowhere to turn. At Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we want each person to know that they do not have to face their mental health issues alone.

To get started at our hospital in Reno, Nevada, the first step is to call our 24/7 hotline. You can reach our team at (775) 393-2201. During the call, we can help answer any questions you may have, and we can help schedule a free and confidential mental health assessment for you or a loved one.