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Patient and Family Testimonials

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I wanted to drop a line of thanks to your amazing staff as a result of hearing about how well our children are doing coming out of in-patient treatment at Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital.

I just finished a conversation with the Principal, and she told me that two of her students came back to school looking better than she’s ever seen them. I happen to be seeing those children in treatment as well and am so impressed with the new coping skills they are coming home implementing.

It is far too easy to reach out and complain when we have a problem with treatment but just as important is our capacity to recognize and compliment excellent care when we see it. So happy to be partnering with you all.
J. Winnemucca

The Partial Hospitalization Program is a very beneficial program to get you headed in the right direction. It did for me.
T. Reno

Dear Dr. Matuszak.

This acknowledgement has been too long in coming. Initially when I first checked in, I was terrified because my anxiety was acute and I thought I would be permanently institutionalized. However, you assured me that once my anxiety was in check, things would be different for me.

That has proved to be true. You were a lifeline for me. I am grateful for your compassion and understanding of how fearful I was.

I have to say, my experience was the worst and best of my life. It was the worst because of the abject fear and uncertainty I faced, and it was the best because the experience opened my heart when I saw so many others who were suffering, and some more greatly than I.

The techs, nurses and staff I interacted with were very kind and compassionate. Please extend my gratitude.
P. Reno

Thank you to all the staff who were there to help me in my time there. I appreciate all of you and what you do.
K. Sparks

I am writing this review for all parents whose children are dealing with mental illness, substance abuse or simply poor life choices.

Our daughter came home from college last May after being gone for four years. Once she moved back into our home, we noticed drastic behavior changes. It was almost as if she was someone else and our loving, cheerful, and intelligent daughter was gone. My husband and I frequently wondered…where did our daughter go? After many arguments and therapist visits--she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

After many sleepless nights, on-going behavioral issues and simply being down right frightened for her, we chose to send her to the Reno Behavioral Hospital in Reno, Nevada. During her stay, she worked with Dr. Matuszak. Since her stay, the positive changes we have seen in our daughter are dramatic, bordering on a miracle.

We are not naïve enough to believe that the changes are magically permanent. Not at all. There is much work to be done by our daughter. But working with Dr. Matuszak has given her the framework, the guidance and the confidence to battle her demons in a positive way. She continues to improve every single day. Dr. Matuszak also taught my husband and I coping skills.

Choosing Reno Behavioral Hospital and Dr. Matuszak has been life-changing for our entire family, but particularly our daughter. I highly recommend Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital and Dr. Matuszak to any parent which a child dealing with mental illness, and/or substance abuse. We are thankful every day that we did.
S. Reno