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Adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program

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Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility to address teen behavioral health problems

Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital treats females age 12-17 with serious mental health challenges like teen depression, substance abuse, suicidal ideation and more. Our residential treatment program provides 24-hour supervision with safe staffing and proper infection control in a clean, secure and safe environment.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts can help your child with a variety of serious psychiatric, emotional and behavioral problems. We provide intensive mental health care to reduce symptoms and help teens return to normal functioning.

Everyone who enters our program is treated as an individual, with customized treatment plans developed with care and compassion. Youth stay in the residential program usually between 30-90 days, where they can continue treatment in a structured, safe, and caring environment by trained staff. Length of stay is specific to each individual based upon their individualized needs and is in collaboration with the individual’s manage care organization.

A note about COVID-19: While we maintain our commitment to high quality and compassionate care, we are keenly aware that we must protect and maintain a safe treatment environment for our patients, family members, and staff. We comply with CDC COVID-19 guidelines and follow safety recommendations from state and local public health departments. We continue to monitor daily updates, recommendations, and best practices related to COVID-19.

What is an Adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility?

Residential treatment provides intensive care for youth with serious psychiatric, emotional and/or behavioral problems and is sometimes the next step for youth in need of further treatment following inpatient psychiatric care. We create awareness of behaviors and their consequences as well as teach boundaries and effective coping skills. We also strive to develop effective communication skills.

We are proud to offer an evidence-based program model that blends therapeutic best practices including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Treatment skills, Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change, Trauma Informed Approach. All of our therapies follow trauma care best practices. Often those with severe behavioral health and substance abuse issues have experienced major trauma. Our trauma-informed care standards provide a safe, caring environment that empowers teens to heal.

Types of treatment can include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Socialization Therapy
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Treatment Team

Who should consider this program?

Adolescents with severe mental health issues should consider our residential treatment program to stabilize long-term destructive behavior. If adolescents are a danger to themselves or others, they may require short-term, acute, inpatient psychiatric care at Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s inpatient program. Residential treatment can often be the next step for youth in need of further treatment following inpatient psychiatric care.

Our patients undergo a comprehensive assessment by board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists when they enter the program. From there they undergo therapy and group therapy. If medications are involved, we create a medication management program. In substance abuse cases, detox may be required. Ultimately the goal is to return your adolescent to normal life.

Common Conditions Treated at our Psychiatric Hospital

  • Anxiety/Panic
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Teen Depression
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorders (Non Acute)
  • Trauma
  • Mood Disorders
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction: alcohol/drugs
  • Suicidal Ideation or Homicidal Thoughts

Upon completing our Residential Treatment Program, some patients may continue with our partial hospitalization program. We offer northern Nevada’s only such program for adolescents. This outpatient program provides behavioral health treatment and therapy programs without requiring overnight stays. Patients in our partial hospitalization programs spend approximately six hours each weekday in group therapy sessions. A typical partial hospitalization program lasts between two to four weeks. Additionally, families participate in educational sessions to learn how to best support their teens. Partial hospitalization programs include an onsite teacher to ensure that each teen does not fall behind on their schoolwork.

Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team

We believe effective mental health treatment addresses a wide range of issues. While we firmly believe in multiple forms of behavioral therapy, our focus is not just on the mind of adolescents. Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team:

  • Board-Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Psychologist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Mental Health Technicians
  • On-site Teacher

The Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Difference

Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is the only facility in northern Nevada providing the full continuum of behavioral health care for adolescents. Programs include

Contact Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Contact our mental health facility, today! We are available to provide free and confidential assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your child needs help, contact us at (775) 393-2201. To make a referral to Flourish RTC: arn.rtc@renobehavioral.com