Improving Mental Health by Setting Goals for the New Year

January 14, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

With the recent holiday season behind us, many people are looking towards the year ahead as a time for positive change. For this positive change, people often focus... Continue reading →

Social Media Use and Its Impacts on Mental Health

January 12, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

People have integrated social media into almost every part of life. We use social media to keep up with friends and family, check the news, find events, review... Continue reading →

Holiday Stress: Causes and Ways to Improve Mental Health

December 11, 2020 Posted in: News Release

The holiday season is a happy time each year, and it is always great to catch up with loved ones. However, the holidays do not happen on their own, and the entire... Continue reading →

Managing Mental Health During Seasonal Depression & COVID-19

December 11, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Between the late fall and continuing into early spring each year, millions of Americans suffer from the effects of seasonal depression. Seasonal depression can be a... Continue reading →

Substance Abuse, Substance Use Disorder, & Chemical Dependency

November 27, 2020 Posted in: News Release

When a person uses alcohol or other drugs, the person can develop an unhealthy relationship with the substance... Continue reading →

Transitions - Specialized Behavioral Healthcare for Older Adults

October 23, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Everyday life can be overwhelming, particularly as people age. The National Council on Aging... Continue reading →

National Suicide Prevention Week: Take Action for Prevention

September 16, 2020 Posted in: News Release

The tragedy of suicide devastates thousands of families in the US each year. Recent data on... Continue reading →

Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Named Community Agency of the Year

March 17, 2020 Posted in: News Release

The Nevada School Counselor Association presented Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital with the Community Agency of the Year Award for collaboration with the school district and our work with students in need. ... Continue reading →

Recovery Requires More Than Detox

March 13, 2020 Posted in: News Release

For many struggling with chemical dependency, Detoxification, also known as “detox,” is the... Continue reading →

Seasonal Affective Disorder

January 16, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Approximately... Continue reading →